How the current war in Ukraine is shaped by the creation of “Russian” Christianity


The Pechersk, or Cave, Monastery in Kiev was the pioneer foundation. Hilarion, the first Metropolitan of Russian origin, had started out as a monk, digging a cave for himself near Kiev. Anthony, a monk from Mt. Athos, would be an early leader of this community of the Caves.


After the baptism of Vladimir, and at his insistence, the church was autocephalous, meaning they picked their own leader, the Metropolitan. In the 11th century, though, the practice changed so that Russian princes picked the bishops but the Patriarch in Constantinople selected the Metropolitan. The Greek influence was cemented through the Byzantine liturgy that was adopted by the church.

The Mongols

It seems the Mongols are responsible for creating a Russia, as we know it, centered around Moscow rather than Kiev. The Church lost its contacts with the West but was allowed to maintain connections with Constantinople.



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Bereket Kelile

Bereket Kelile

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