How you can use the four stages of competence to identify your zone of genius and live a more fulfilling life

Unconscious incompetence

You don’t know what you don’t know.

Conscious incompetence

You know you are not doing it well. You want to get better.

Conscious competence

You do it well but it requires effort and focus.

Unconscious competence

You can do it in your sleep.

The highest level: Mastery

This is where you can look at what you do well AND teach it to others.

Spend the most time on the skills you do best, most enjoy, and earn you the greatest income.

My hope is this will compound exponentially for you over time and give you ever more freedom and flexibility in your life and career.



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Bereket Kelile

Bereket Kelile

I reinvented my career by starting a small business, and I’m not done reinventing. I continue to help others through the fog so they can see clearly.