I became an entrepreneur to bankroll my passion projects

I started to envision myself in a different job, where I didn’t need to do any fundraising.

I had vague ambitions of generic success at that time. My job as a pollster was never dull and I worked with the best people in the political consulting business. I just couldn’t accomplish what I dreamed about from that position. Career transformation meant having the income and time to work on my passion projects. More importantly, I would have full creative independence and control.

I transformed myself into an entrepreneur and I’m still not done reinventing my career.

So far, I’ve been able to create the time flexibility but the income stream is not there yet, though it is scalable and growing.

Do not let anyone have a veto on your ambitions.

Maybe you can avoid the frustration I experienced and solve the problem before it appears.



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Bereket Kelile

Bereket Kelile

I reinvented my career by starting a small business, and I’m not done reinventing. I continue to help others through the fog so they can see clearly.