The time is now to rebel against your soul-sucking job and pursue your calling as an entrepreneur changing the world

Bereket Kelile
2 min readMar 27, 2022


In the summer of 2021, my market research showed me what every entrepreneur wants: sovereignty.

In those conversations with entrepreneurs I repeatedly heard about the limitations in their previous jobs that held them back. They also genuinely believed their potential had far outgrown their job titles. Some seemed to be genetically wired for business, others discovered it by insight.

This is what it leads to: entrepreneurs are people who want what they want, when they want it, and how to get it.

My mission

In 2017, a film project I began as an interesting side hustle opened my eyes to the immense realm of possibilities.

I sat down with a guy who got Prime Minister Berlusconi to provide a transport plan to ship an obelisk back to Ethiopia. We had interviews with Ethiopian royalty and eye-witnesses to the war with Italy in 1935. I discovered a world of creative people working to tell fascinating stories unknown to the world. That experience helped me appreciate the same ambition in others.

My mission as a coach is to support people who are creating lasting monuments out of their own meaningful impact.

Status Quo

Most people discover their potential before they are in a position to fully tap into it.

Those entrepreneurs I interviewed were in jobs with poor leadership, ethical challenges, and a stifling political climate. It can also feel like you have to choose between a false dilemma of work that pays well or a job you love. And there is the internal resistance that sabotages your efforts to try something new and scary.

I am rebelling against all of that.

Have the courage to accept the status quo will not get better and that it is worth taking the narrower path to your dreams.

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Bereket Kelile

I reinvented my career by starting a small business, and I’m not done reinventing. I continue to help others through the fog so they can see clearly.