Working backwards can help busy entrepreneurs leverage your energy and make exponential progress

As a writer, I think backwards

However, I made things difficult because I always tried to write as I read.

As a pollster, I designed survey research backwards

Reflecting on my writing lead me to think about my last job, where we began the research process at the end.

Amazon develops products backwards

The other day, as I was reflecting on this essay I came across something called the “Amazon method.”

This tool will spare you the wasted time, money, and effort on unviable ideas and improve your life by creating more time for the things you enjoy.

All the best as you go forward from here — or backwards.



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Bereket Kelile

Bereket Kelile

I reinvented my career by starting a small business, and I’m not done reinventing. I continue to help others through the fog so they can see clearly.